First impressions count, especially in online dating. Free signing up motivates us into browsing personals whether it’s men wanting to find women online or single women who’d like to meet men. The idea is, of course, that liking what we see, we’ll sign up and join the dating service – a good strategy, provided the singles on the online dating site play along and upload a half decent photo. 

Get Your Photo Right

Your photo is the first thing a potential date on an online dating service sees of you. Yet so many times the chosen picture is the wrong one. has even presented a top 7 LinkedIn pictures you should never use. We decided to present you the tips for making a great profile picture.

  • Take time to take a new picture. You may have dozens but it doesn’t mean any are suitable for attracting a date. Taking a picture for the purpose of uploading it for dating will force you to focus on its composition.
  • Go for resolution. Some phone cameras don’t deliver on clarity. Don’t be too close and don’t be too far away. Don’t leave potential daters seeing a scowl in a picture when it was a beautiful smile.
  • Pay attention to the background. Flowers growing out of heads aside, too much happening behind you, the subject, is distracting. Keep things simple so you stand out.
  • Try for a natural pose. Holding something that says a little about you helps, as long as it’s natural you are looking at the camera.
  • No long arm selfie. It may be good for social media but rubbish for perspective when someone is trying to check you out.

First impressions are formed in an instant. Get it wrong, you’re swiped away in a nanosecond no matter what’s on offer. Browsers won’t hang around to find out. When anyone joins a dating site, the quality of that first impression can make or break your dating online experience.

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