If you recognize that in relationships you or your partners are not logical whatsoever or you are constantly letting your feelings lead you, or for the past years, you have been in an emotionally destructive relationship, you really need to work on that. How? First of all, you have to avoid being verbally and emotionally abused. Yes, you have always been a strong-willed person and have never been afraid to stand up for yourself – abuse does not mean discriminate.

What is a destructive relationship?

In such relationships, you do not understand each other, you are totally humiliated, or feel guilty. Where you do not want to share anything intimate, because it could be used against you. Where there is no support, but there are claims and manipulations. In such a relationship, there is some form of emotional violence. The psyche paradox is that often, it is very difficult to get out of such a relationship even if they lead to the degradation of the individual, illness, loss of vitality. Let’s check how to get out of them with minimal losses and even with bonuses.

1. Leaving the partner physically

Yes, your partner does not want to lose your energy, however, it is important to completely stop contacting. Find single women online or date men on the dating service to distract yourself at the first stage.

2. Ask for help and find support

Relatives, friends or professional advice can help you cope with a break-up. However, no one can awaken you until you want it for yourself.

3. Avoid the tendency to think

“If my partner doesn’t love me, then I suck everywhere” – work with your self-esteem and love yourself, avoiding inferiority complex. Start online dating and have fun.

4. Little by little go out into the normal world

When you stop idealizing a person or you completely turn off the expectations, you can meet new people by using an online dating site. Try to communication in chats, find a woman online or meet guys, and not rush new relationships.

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