Dating a co-worker is a challenging part and comes with some risks and benefits. It is always better to keep things professional and keep the dating part out of the office. For example, 16% of office romance is usually successful. Honestly, it could be quite difficult to not let it affect your work, and that is where the problem starts. Some offices even have a rule of not dating each other because of the mess created at the workplace. Here are some dos and don’ts about dating a coworker.


  1. Always follow the protocol no matter what happens
  2. Consider or think about what is more important for you (job or the relationship)
  3. Single women must keep things professional always (especially, after hookup)
  4. Planning is important when you date your co-worker. It helps to improve the private and professional life. Plan your dates ahead and not to coincide with meetings, for example


  1. Telling about your relationships to other co-workers because it will spread like fire
  2. Creating a scene in the office and asking your other co-workers to choose sides
  3. Never trash talk about your ex-partner at the workplace or on the online dating site chats
  4. Having sexual encounters at the workplace as it is a violation of office rules
  5. Starting off the date with a sexual encounter with a co-worker because if things don’t work out, it will become awkward between you and the co-worker

There is no correct answer to “should you date or not your co-worker?”. But if you feel, you can handle your professional and personal lives completely separate. If you have fallen in love, probably, you cannot stop feeling it towards this particular co-worker and you should tell him/her about your feelings. But if you find a woman online or man on the dating service, not from your workplace, it would be much better to handle it. However, there is an advantage when you date a co-worker partner. You will see each other more often and less need to arrange a time to meet.

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