The relationship has to be easy without letting drama, self-doubt, self-defeating thoughts of lack, fear, limitation, toxic feelings, negative judgment, or criticism. This is so destructive when you date a local woman or man who does emotional abuse and has manipulative behavior. However, sometimes the hormones are giving people an extreme attitude over everything.

What hormones are capable of

1. Estrogen – it is considered to be the female hormone that actually has a sedative effect. It affects your mood, helps maintain memory and increases sexual interest and joy, especially when you start dating online.

2. Progesterone and prolactin – prolactin is one of the stress hormones. An increase in the concentration of prolactin provokes the appearance of discomfort.

3. Testosterone – testosterone levels in men are 300-1000 ng/dl and in women 20-60. There can be an increase in PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), therefore, guys should redirect their potential aggression in a peaceful way, should seriously do sports. Experts are convinced that before marrying or using dating sites, it is advisable to check the level of testosterone. The happiness of their family life largely depends on this.

4. Dopamine – the dopamine level increases during such activities as food and sex, and is considered to be responsible for producing feelings of pleasure. Recent studies show that the production of dopamine begins in the process of waiting for pleasure. You can start using dating services to check for yourself.

5. Oxytocin – it is also involved in the reaction of sexual arousal. Also during several experiments, it turned out that oxytocin increases the degree of confidence in a particular person.

Hormones and sex

It is known that hormones and sex are closely related to each other. First of all, sex contributes to the production of endorphins or so-called ‘hormones of happiness.’ Moreover, they have an anesthetic effect. Therefore, if you have a headache – it’s time to start dating online and have sex. Sex, like an intense physical workout, improves blood circulation in the body.

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