No matter how anyone feels about online dating, there seems no denying it works for lots of people. It’s as normal for single men to try to find a woman online as it is for them to look anywhere else. Single women are signing up to dating sites in record numbers. A good online dating service is obviously fulfilling a role in society and there was clearly a need.

Can the same be said of the dating site chat room?

If, for a moment, we set aside the idea of the dating service being about finding partners, is the chat room fulfilling a role by making people meeting people the priority, rather than finding intimate relationships. The ethos is there. No dating service worth its salt comes without a friendly community. This site is a good example of a community, where members do get to recognize usernames and many do form online relationships and some move offline and take them as friends into the real world.

In chat rooms, people chat although the word itself belies what’s going on. At the very basic level, it’s a connection with another human being away from the stresses of real life. It’s also the chance to free yourself from the expectations of those around you in the real world and reinvent yourself. In control, we relax our formality guard and enjoy lighthearted discussion and conversation on safe topics. We chat.

On another level, being part of a chat room community keeps us feeling valued. Egos are boosted as members interact, raising self-esteem levels all round. Being congregating mammals, when we feel included and accepted into any group we feel secure. Pleasure loving endorphins and countless other reactions and responses make us feel good. Chatting makes people happy, however it’s done.

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