You want to find a woman online or at the bar or a single man with whom you can start dating and fall in love? But you faced with the difficulties of dating in the 21st century that could be summed up in a few words – choice paradox and complication.

It is really hard to meet a real match. And even if you find a new partner at an online dating site with whom you spend together 24 hours per day without getting tired of each other, at the end of the day, you may decide to break up.

Difficulties With Connection and Choice

You could be surprised to discover that there is a phenomenon in the world when someone loves and another person allows to love. When someone in a relationship may not love at all, but only decides to be together. Even a few generations ago, the connection between two people was way more straightforward without any complications.

Another paradox, it seemed to us that we are young adventurers who enter a new world full of attractive and significant people. People who are at least as good as we are. We considered ourselves beautiful, promising, and it would be quite easy to find a soulmate. Simply because there is someone to choose from.

Single men and single women worldwide are looking for the perfect match, with the same interests and view on life. Usually, they are searching for a date at the dating services or when hanging out with friends at the bars. Online dating service could be a way out if you want to quickly find singles who live nearby or who like cooking as you. But you have to remember, even the most beautiful and interesting girls, the most successful and charming guys are massively single and lonely. What is interesting, half of your friends are probably unmarried. The worst thing is that they are absolutely realistic in remaining single at the end of their lives. So if you want to break up with your loved girl or guy, only thinking that this world is full of better “opportunities”, do not throw away your happiness!

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